Cherry Trees

Early Mark Making

Children learn to write from an early age in ways you don’t even realise.  It starts with messy play using our fingers to make marks in rice or sand and with shaving foam, paint, clay or even slime.


At school we will generally spread the resources across the table or in a tuff tray.  You can easily do this at home using a  dinner plate, tray or on the kitchen worktop using flour or rice.

Starting to write

The next step is beginning to draw lines and circles using thick crayons or chalk, but we can use pens, pencils or paintbrushes.

Large decorators’ brushes dipped in buckets of water are great for painting the outdoor walls.



Writing our names

From pictures and marks come words, beginning with the most meaningful of all – our name.

As part of our daily routine at school, we collect our name cards use them as a guide to help us ‘sign-in’ each day, sometimes forming letters from our names.


If you would like to know more about early mark making please speak to your child’s keyworker.


January 2019

As our children settle back into nursery we will be reading  ‘Owl Babies’ which will help them to understand their feelings associated with being away from home. We will also talk about and share photos of our families and homes.

We will be looking at the seasonal changes in the garden and local surroundings. To support this we would like to continue with our community walks on a Wednesday afternoon and would be really grateful for your support in coming along on this with us.  If you are able to spare some time please let the office know.  The children will help to make bird feeders for the garden and we will be taking part in the “Big Bird Watch”.  For more information please go to RSPB

We will also be getting ready to celebrate Chinese New Year on 5th February.

Our value for this term is ‘independence’. Supporting the children to be more independent with things like putting their own coats and shoes on.  If your child does this at home please let us know so that we can celebrate it in school.