Admissions to Bedford Nursery Schools Federation

With the agreement of the Governing Body of Bedford Nursery Schools Federation  the admission policy of the federation is stated below.

As the Nursery Schools do not have a defined catchment areas, all parents are eligible to register their child’s name.

All children will be considered fairly irrespective of gender, race or disability.

If there are more requests from parents than the number of places available then the following criteria will apply.

Criteria for admission

Children can be admitted after their second birthday.  Places are allocated according to:

  • Looked After Children
  • The age of the child, from the oldest age band first.
  • Where the child lives
  • Children attending the childcare facility
  • The needs of the family

Our school is fully inclusive and our policies promote equality of opportunity for all children.  We are pleased to offer any disabled pupil or pupil with individual needs a place at Bedford Nursery Schools Federation provided that those needs can be successfully met and if the supporting agencies feel that it is an appropriate placement.

Emergency admissions will be considered if places are available and where requests are made from social workers, health visitors or other professionals involved with the family.  Places will be given at the discretion of the Executive Head Teacher in consultation with Governors and may need to take priority.

Children who are entitled to 2yr funding will be admitted to the nursery school once their funding has been secured with the local authority and will be eligible to access 15 hours free education.

To check if you may be entitled to 2yr old funding please visit  and complete the online application.   If you have any problems accessing this please call in and see us at any of the nursery schools and we will be happy to help you check.

All children are entitled to 15 hours free education the term after their 3rd birthday.

There will be some flexibility about how this offer can be accessed, in discussion with the Executive Head Teacher.

Additional hours may be purchased subject to availability at the curent rate of  £5.20 per hour for 2yr olds and £4.20 per hour for 3 yr olds and over.

Children in their reception year can be offered a full time place from the September of the academic year after their 4th birthday.

Consideration for full time will always be based on the needs of the child.

Procedure for Admission

To register your child for a place at one of the schools within the Bedford Nursery Schools Federation please call in and collect a new admissions form, or email, this will place your child on the waiting list for your preferred school.

Before starting at the nursery, all parents will be offered a short visit to the nursery and a home visit.  They will also be invited to attend one short parents meeting to meet staff and get to know about the school.

Children’s birth dates will be checked against the birth certificate and NHS numbers will be recorded on the admissions form.

Parents will be expected to stay in the nursery to support their child for an appropriate length of time.

Transfer from part time to full time will be undertaken within a time range appropriate to the needs of the child.

It is parent’s responsibility to ensure they apply for a place in lower or primary school for their child to undertake statutory education the term after their 5th birthday.  The local authority will notify parents and the nursery when these applications need to be made.

Parent’s have the choice to defer their child’s entry to lower or primary school until they are of statutory school age and to begin their Reception Year at the nursery.  For further information about this please contact the school.

This policy has been adopted for the Academic Year starting September 2017 and will be reviewed for the Academic Year starting September 2018.