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Inspiring Leaders of Tomorrow Conference

The Peter Pan Teaching School co-hosted this inspirational conference alongside The Pilgrim Learning Teaching School, St Thomas more Teaching School and Central Bedfordshire Teaching School.

The morning started with an extremely motivating talk by Sir John Jones followed by an afternoon of informative workshops on how to progress into a great leader.

Some feedback quotes:

‘Probing questions to make me consider future career developments’

‘Very good and informative, certainly made me think!’

‘Fascinating, learnt things about myself and my management style!’

‘Fantastic event/inspirational and excellent networking opportunity’

‘Great – inspiring, funny and emotional! Gave me lots of food for thought’

Update from Participant

We have had a phone call from one delegate at the conference to let us know that she has just been appointed to headship! She said it was as a result of the conference that she went into the interview with a different attitude and it worked!!