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A first class network for women who lead in education

Its purpose is to support individuals in their career development, explore different contexts for leadership roles in the future, develop further the professional learning opportunities for women looking to progress their career and provide the opportunity to network and to harness the potential of female leaders of the future.

Our network allows women the opportunity to take part in a number of programmes and events hosted and facilitated by experts from across the region. It will create the opportunity for network members to ‘shape’ the regional network to suit their needs and those of their local colleagues. It will include programmes delivering high quality professional learning opportunities for women, events hosted by the coaching pledge team which will create opportunities for individuals to become coaches or to benefit from expert coaching and one off events and conferences.

The network will include opportunities for self-reflection, local group discussion and regional networking. It will encourage conversation, stimulate discussion and explore solutions in response to the issues facing women who lead in education.


To become a member of this vibrant and exciting network, please complete the contact form below:


Membership will include:

  • regular event updates
  • the opportunity to contribute to regional events
  • discounted and early-bird offers for some WLE events
  • membership card

Courses available

Alban TSA: Women into Leadership: Aspiring Assistant Headteachers
Alban TSA: Women into Senior Leadership
Suffolk Borders TA: Women into Leadership
Norfolk TLEC: Women Stepping UP in EDUCATION
Peter Pan TSA: Women into Senior Leadship
Cambridge and Suffolk SA: Coach Meet

The AlbanTSA is the lead school for this network and the network is led by the following steering group comprising: